Nutrition For Women & Their Families

Are you ready to take charge of your health but have a busy lifestyle and you’re not sure where to begin?

Do you have abnormal blood panels and you need help gaining control of and managing these numbers?

It’s not your fault, and the goods news is that I can help you!

I guide clients who are worried, worn-down, and confused to revamp their nutrition and physical activity so they feel energetic, successful, and in charge of their health. Then they can begin to live the lives they deserve!

As a team, we will create a unique and sensible plan to achieve YOUR optimal health goals.

Reach out to me for a discovery call!

A Women's Nutrition Expert in New Hampshire.

I have a down-to-earth, caring, and non-judgmental approach to helping my clients achieve a healthy and active lifestyle they can enjoy for many years to come! 

I am passionate about my work with women because we are the preeminent force for change. Women influence the way their families are nourished beginning with breastfeeding. The key to improving public health is women. If I help one woman improve her health I stand to impact the health of future generations.

Areas Of Expertise

I offer Nutritional Counseling, Medical Nutrition Therapy, and Lactation Counseling. With my master’s degree in Exercise Science; Strength and Conditioning I am qualified to offer guidance with a plan of physical activity that best suits your lifestyle.

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