5 Things I Learned During My Own Health Journey

Everything I needed to know in life I learned during my Health and Lifestyle Journey.

Just kidding… but during the month of February, American Heart Month, and my birthday month, I do a little bit of reflection. I’m grateful for a second chance at health because not everyone, like my own dad, gets so lucky.

Here are the top 5 lessons that I keep using in everyday life.
I’m worth the investment! 

During my health journey, I realized that spending time and energy in taking care of my nutrition and physical activity were the best investments I could make. Even my gym membership was an investment in me. I am one of the best ROI out there.
I need help! 

As an American woman, with only uncles and brothers growing up, independence has always been my creed. Stay strong, stay hard, and push. It wasn’t until my own health journey that I realized I needed support. With help, I reached my goals faster and was less stressed and anxious. I let go of my ego, gained confidence, success, and strength.
Celebrate the small accomplishments! 

I never missed an opportunity to celebrate each little win. This kept me motivated over the long haul. When I added more distance to a run or my times got faster or added more weight to the bar. Every day became a win.
I need a break! 

When mental energy was low, things were hectic, or events were happening I did my best, but I sometimes would need to take a break. I just always made sure breaks were short, planned accordingly and had an end.
I have a lot to learn! 

When things don’t go as planned it is a perfect opportunity to learn. Reverse engineer what didn’t go well and then the next time you’ll know how to do better. Learning is a superpower.

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