Intern during a pandemic?

Discover some Essential Tips for Balancing Nutrition During the Pandemic and now Beyond! Read the article I published during the pandemic HERE

15 Best Probiotic Yogurts for a Healthier Gut

I was interviewed by Prevention Magazine Get the secrets of yogurt’s incredible health benefits and gain valuable insights from this article on probiotics and yogurt HERE.

The DASH diet Interview with USA Today!

Photo Credit @1Raptor2  Lauren and I don’t always race but when we do 😂 What is the DASH diet? Everything to you need to know. Enjoy THIS article I was interviewed for by USA Today, which focuses on the DASH diet—an approach I actively implement with my clients.

Carb Cycling Interview USA Today

What is carb cycling? Understand the concept, and downsides before you try it. I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed for this informative article on carb cycling. Read it HERE Photo credit to 1raptor2

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