Why I became a Dietitian

Listening to a podcast the other night I heard a guest speaker talk about the need for giving back as part of the healing process. The reward of helping others is how you strengthen your own success and find purpose.

I thought about my own health journey that began 22 years ago. Nutrition and physical activity changed my life, my mental, and physical health. It is THE reason I became a dietitian. Here are a few others;

✔️ I want to support others to become the healthiest versions of themselves.

✔️ I want to give solid evidence-based facts to help people get there.

✔️ I want to be a respected source of information.

✔️ I want families to enjoy each other for a long time. Preventing the premature death of loved ones is something that drives me every day. I know the anguish of growing up without a parent due to preventable cardiovascular disease.

✔️ I want to help families be healthy and thrive. I love it when parents make small changes over time that affect the health of their entire family.

✔️ I want to be credentialed to accept insurance so I can help MORE people not just those who can afford to pay out of pocket. Good health is something EVERYONE deserves. Insurance companies cover nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian.

I mean it when I tell my clients that I want to hear from them no matter the success or challenge. It’s my purpose in life.

Reasons you might work with a dietitian?

✨ If you want to optimize your intake guided by sound information.

✨If you would like to prevent a health condition.

✨If you want to manage a health condition.

✨If you are confused about nutrition.

✨ If you want learn how to best fuel your workouts and recovery.

✨ If you want to kicka$$ past 50 and beyond. I take a personal interest in this one 🙂

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